- even if you feel you're "too old" for video (you're not!), or are scared of making a fool of yourself (you won't!)

Ever felt scared, anxious, or completely paralysed with fear when it comes to creating videos for social media?

You need to read this…



and you'll love how simple they are!

You already know how important video is to build trust on social media (or you wouldn’t be reading this!). The simple fact is that whatever your business’ goal (follower growth, engagement, or sales), creating video content is ESSENTIAL.


And – aha-moment! creating videos for social media is the fastest way to turn your followers into customers.


Alas, I still see so many small business owners avoid it with every fibre in their body! The reason?


They think…

👉🏼 "It’s scary"

👉🏼 "I'm too old"

👉🏼 "It takes a lot of effort"

👉🏼 "It’s too technical"


And the biggest fear of all:


👉🏼 "I don’t want to make an idiot of myself"


These fears are all truly genuine, especially as we reach mid-life and don't always feel as fresh as we used to.  Many of my students in my coaching programme Marketing Megastars have felt the same way at some point. Crikey, I know I have too!


Many business owners (maybe even you) have spent hours recording IGTVs and are proud they have overcome that fear.

But when you watch the video back, all you can think is "UGH!"

"Is that what my face really looks like?"

"What am I talking about?!"


Thing is, the way we see ourselves is NOT the way other people see us. We tend to only see the wrinkles and the hair out of place, and hear the ums and the ahs.


Sadly, that’s what leads to the cycle of doubt about the way you’re presenting and loses your focus on your valuable CONTENT (and that’s the bit your followers care about)!


I get it. I have felt the same as you.


After years of playing about with video, I thought about the strategies I used to help me become more confident. And now they will help you too.


Even if you’re completely terrified of being on the business end of the camera, these strategies will give you the confidence you need to record in just a few hours, whilst being true to yourself and letting your personality shine through.


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I created this course to give you the confidence to show up and shine, plus a hugely unfair advantage over your competitors (wink wink).

I've included all my simple but effective strategies, systems, and checklists to overcome your fear of the camera and create content your followers will want to watch.

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Strategies to be comfortable and confident on camera

Habits you can learn - to present like the slickest talk show host

Technical cheat sheets to make all that stuff less confusing

And so much more!


CAMERA CONFIDENCE is made up of three steps that I have created as the only guide you need to get out from behind a cushion and onto the screen (I see you hiding!).

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PREP: The starting point for your video strategy. This module walks you through the beginning, the middle, and the end of any social media video so don't get lost or flustered.  

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PRESENT: Strategies to help you focus on your content and the value you’re delivering and not any self-critical analysis. (That stops right here, right now!) 

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PRO: Let’s go live! The final piece of your CAMERA CONFIDENCE package. Everything you need to know before you hit that red button and what to do afterwards…  


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The essentials for recording videos from scratch, and the things you really do not need (despite what others might tell you!)

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Your sacred guide to a professional presentation to fill in once and use over and over again.

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You might have shared a few videos, but not as many as you need or want to, probably because you...

👉🏼 Feel completely overwhelmed at the very thought of seeing your face on camera

👉🏼 Think you need to be perfectly polished or people will think you're a fraud

👉🏼 Wish someone could just tell you how to make it easy and straightforward

Whatever is holding you back from creating videos is basically holding you back from really being successful with your social media.

The secret to unlocking your CAMERA CONFIDENCE is just to start doing it! This course will hold your hand through the process of creating your first few videos and then you'll be ready to go go go on your own!

Here’s what people have to say about working with me and the value and confidence I give them:

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CAMERA CONFIDENCE can be yours for only £37 £11!

That’s right, for only £37 £11 you get all my strategies to help you:


Overcome your terror of being on camera

Be seen on social media and create raving fans

Make more sales because your followers know who you are


At £37 £11 it's a no-brainer. Why? Because if you use just a few of my strategies you will feel better and watch your followers (and sales!) grow. 


To get instant access, click the button below to go through to the checkout page and enter your details.

You’ll be able to start as soon as you have completed the checkout process.

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Work through CAMERA CONFIDENCE 100% risk-free.

Try everything out for 7 days, and if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied then simply email me at [email protected] and I’ll refund the entire amount in 24-48 hrs, no questions asked!

It really is a complete no-brainer to sign up for CAMERA CONFIDENCE if you’re serious about getting your face out there.  

Just to recap, CAMERA CONFIDENCE includes:  

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PREP. Walking you through the beginning, the middle, and the end of any social media video so you don't get lost or flustered 

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PRESENT. Focusing you on your content and value you’re delivering and not any self-critical analysis.

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PRO. Everything you need to know before you hit that red button...

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IMPLEMENT. Your sacred guide to a professional presentation 

TECH. The essentials for recording videos from scratch

This course includes everything you need to get over your fear of recording videos so you can show your face and grow your followers and sales! AND it’s only £37 £11!


To get immediate access, just click the button below and complete your details.

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